24 May: bargain buying fun.

Today in 1626 – in what must go down as one of the best buys ever – Peter Minuit, a Walloon from present day Germany, bought Manhattan. This type of purchase sort of puts all those carboot/yard sale finds in perspective.

“Hi dear, I just bought Manhattan,” being a far better line than “Hi dear I just bought some more worthless junk.”


This site now has a theme tune. Go to YouTube and search The National All The Wine. Listen and read.

It will come as no surprise that I have no story to rival buying such a prime piece of real estate or, indeed, being a Walloon. The best I can do is the time I went to the local shop to buy wine (obviously), some bread and some cheese – the holy trinity of nutrition and the guy at the check out scanned the bread and wine but seemed to be totally oblivious to the cheese. So, I paid, left and ran home laughing with my hands full of the most glorious slab of semi stolen cheese which we devoured in a wine fuelled frenzy as soon as I arrived home.

Stolen cheese – like stolen anything – is truly the tastiest thing in the whole wide world. Thankfully a little “creative” scanning at those self scan checkouts make these moments more and more regular. I wonder if you’d get away with putting “Manhattan” through as “Carrots”?

Maybe not but it works with wine. Let’s drink that red coloured carrot juice.

A quote:
Alcohol is a misunderstood vitamin”. ~P.G. Wodehouse


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