22 May: wear black / drink red.

It’s Goth day! Which gives me an opportunity to post one of my favourite all time photos:


This site now has a theme tune. Go to YouTube and search The National All The Wine. Listen and read.

True to type this unhappy goth boy is so pale he could be mistaken for a corpse and rocking the “too much eye make up” look. His theatrical knife resting on tormented wrist only adds to the overall quality of the image. (I’d love to know where he is now and what he’s doing and how he lives with the constant fear of some of his colleagues discovering this on a Google image search. I suspect he’s some company big wig by now who’s probably paid to have the image removed in one of those Google data protection things and thinks his past is obliterated. Little does he know that I saved a copy on discovery to periodically use as my Facebook profile photo “for the bants” as my teenage son would say. Mostly though – I hope he’s okay…..)

Of course the greatest irony of being this unhappy with everything, keeping black cats and constantly talking about possible suicide is that all this angst disappears after a few glasses of wine and you can dress normal, get on with girls and listen to proper music.

Speaking of which – the incredible Mountain Goats have released an entire album called Goths and today is a perfect excuse to listen to their song about Andrew Eldritch, the lead singer of The Sisters of Mercy whilst you get drunk. It has the phenomenal title of “Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds.”

Enjoy. (After all we’re all going to die soon.)

A quote: “I like to keep a bottle of stimulant handy in case I see a snake, which I also keep handy.”~W.C. Fields


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