19 May: Wine drinkers have more fun.

Today in 1962 Marilyn Monroe sang her iconic rendition of Happy Birthday to John F Kennedy.

As a man who’s tried (and failed) to get similar super hot birthday wishes sung to myself on regular occasions – not always my birthday – but who has so far failed dismally can i just pass on some posthumous congratulations to JFK.

This site now has a theme tune. Go to YouTube and search The National All The Wine. Listen and read.

To be fair it probably only happened because he was banging her brains out (and she his) but, even so, these things don’t happen like clockwise; they take work and commitment. Mrs Drink Wine Today – despite my being her “Go To” Love Machine – has stunningly failed to wear a sheer, tight fitting dress, lean on a lectern in a crowded room and sing a popular tune to me in a way that made me think about sinful passion in a hotel room. (She’s good at other stuff though so let’s not lose the plot.)

But hey ho – you can’t have everything in life so tonight I’ll watch the iconic clip and then drown my sorrows with fantastic glass after glass of vino. Hopefully Mrs Drink Wine will suddenly burst in and sing me Humpty Dumpty dressed as an egg. (Or something like that.)

Oh, and its the royal wedding if you like that kind of stuff…..

A quote: “Don’t trust a brilliant idea unless it survives the hangover.” Jimmy Breslin.



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