20 October: exploring the kama sutra whilst drunk.

We like to celebrate the eccentric geniuses of the world on Drink Wine Today and today in 1890 was the day that Richard Francis Burton died. Poet, swordsman, adventurer, atheist and all round genius type. (Every thing we like really.) His whole life demands an evening of getting drunk to celebrate the rages and passions that powered his entire existence.

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He disguised himself as an Arab and entered Mecca, spoke about 25 languages fluently and scandalised Victorian society with his translation of ancient writings like the Kama Sutra. (An aside: here’s a link to a fantastic project creating a full Kama Sutra Font – nothing to do with Burton but the graphics are cool.) He also set up house with a troupe of monkeys in the hope that he could learn to speak chimp. Top man!

And, as we’re remembering a death here, it’s worth pointing out that even his tomb has a tremendous genius about it (You can read about it HERE.)

Probably fair to say then  that Mr Burton had quite a wild life and, quite possibly consumed quite a bit of wine on his adventurous travels. We should drink an extra bottle (or two) today to remember that life is there to be lived to the max.

R.I.P Sir Richard Francis Burton.

” I have to think hard to name an interesting man who doesn’t drink.” (The other) Richard Burton.

And, not wine related, but because I like it: “If you’re going to make rubbish, be the best rubbish in it.” Also, (the other) Richard Burton.

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