14 August: Flying high with the timeless buzz of wine.

On this day in 1901 Gustave Whitehead claimed the first ever powered flight in his Number 21 plane near Bridgeport, Connecticut. He flew for 800 metres.

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The “powers that be” disputed it. But – as you know – this site detests “the powers that be” and always sides with the little guy because, most often, TPTB only have a problem with stuff just to have a reason to piss on people’s dreams. So, for that reason we’ll be drinking wine tonight in honour of Gustave rather than whichever trumped up wannabe decided to suggest the flight was nothing but fancy.

Gustave, I suspect celebrated with wine (or Champagne) in the middle of a bracing field and riotous late night sex  with an aviation groupie whilst Mr Disbeliever drank some chilled glass of joyless water in a sterile office and  speculated on the dangers of fornication. I know where I’d rather be .

Anyway the technical, geeky bit:

The Number 21 was a wire based monoplane with bat wings and two engines / propellers so – depending on how ambitious you feel – you can either drink 1 bottle for the mono bit or aim higher and go for 2  for each of the engines etc. See if you can find one with a bat or a plane on. Better still, see if you can find an aviation groupie.

Good luck.

A quote: “His lips drink water but his heart drinks wine.” e e cummings

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