11 August: Steaming headlong into drunkenness.

Some older things are classic and timeless. (I tell this to Mrs Drink Wine Today when she takes me for granted.)

(This site now has a theme tune. It’s HERE. Click it and read. It adds a majesty to the crap I write.)

Take drinks – what’s exciting about fizzy soda or over sweet alcopops when all you actually need is the wonderful timelessness of beautiful wine to get you through anything that life throws at you. Modern youth are turning into sloths before our very eyes and no one does anything about it because the sugar industry calls the tune. (This, though, is the wonder of science and evidence – young lanky kids drink sugary energy drinks all day whilst connecting their brains to the internet and, lo and behold, the world is suddenly full of  fat fuckers who think everything is caused by the Illuminati. Quod erat demonstrandum and all that. As Ben Goldacre says in his wonderfully titled book, “I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that”, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but they’re not entitled to their own facts.

And also, transport. Modern cars! All shitty, all style and no substance designed to remind the Viagra obsessed world that they could once have sex. (Again – nothing to do with sugar.) Pah – give me something with a starter handle on the front.

And then, finally,  there’s trains! You can keep your clinical speeding bullet trains that smell of disinfectant, give me something that chugs and smells of soot; something that had the innate power to cruise up hills for ever and a day.

Today in 1968 the last steam hauled train ran on British Rail. What a loss.

So let’s get all nostalgic. First, ring in sick as you’re gonna need a full 12 hours and buckets of wine. Click on this tremendous YouTube link to an unbelievable 12 hours of non stop chugging, stinking, awesome steam train noise and then set about drinking. Turn it up. Pretend it’s 1926.

We might be old but we’re better than the youth and their lardy arse electric never -run- on- time trains. And we are powered by steam and wine.

A quote: “A bottle of good wine , like a good act, shines even in the retrospect.” Robert Louis Stevenson.

And a bonus soundtrack – to enable you to read the post three times and be entertained differently each time.

1 Click below the photo. Read.

2 Click the 12 hour chugging link. Read.

3 Click this:”You know your culture from your trash.” Read.

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2 thoughts on “11 August: Steaming headlong into drunkenness.

  1. Or you could tell your boss you need to go through some importation “reports”, book a little used conference room, open a bottle and let youtube auto play through hours of Peter Gabriel videos.
    Ah bliss!

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