29 July: wine – supporting Vincent through the tough times.

Vincent Van Gogh died today in 1890 2 days after shooting himself . A genius of paint he committed suicide as he believed – as he had written in a letter – that: “”La tristesse durera toujours” (The sadness will last forever).

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And this death is tragic on many levels but even more so when you consider that it occurred in France and that Vincent was actually surrounded by bucketfuls of the one thing absolutely guaranteed to put an end to any such sadness: Wine.

How different everything would have been if only all of us had been there with bottle after bottle of red wine and a night of alcohol induced camaraderie. Vincent would have perked up, brother Theo would have had a night off letter writing and we’d all have drunkenly posed with bandages over our ears. Outside we’d have said good night under a starry starry  night and talked about future paintings of empty bottles and corks. Everything would suddenly have seemed less bleak. (Also  – because we’re all ‘right culturally aware’ we’d all have  had the foresight to purchase a couple of paintings to cheer him up and this site would be called “Drink Champagne Today Because….” because we’d be absolutely rolling in it, living in Venice and have money to eat out there every night.

Except, of course, for Jamie the Satanist who would still be trying to sell his soul to the devil and be surrounded by old books on vellum. Happy days.

Let’s drink for Vincent then – to genius, to wine and to despair.

A quote: “Burgundy for kings, champagne for duchesses, claret for gentlemen.” French proverb.

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