26 July: celebrate a universal language with a universal drink.

Trinku Vinon!

That’s right – you read it correctly. Trinku Vinon!

This site now has a theme tune. It’s HERE.  Click it and read. It adds a majesty to the crap I write.)

So what does it mean and what the hell has it got to do with getting inebriated at home this evening until you can forget all the other crap that’s going on in the world. (President Trump’s Boy Scout speech being a bit of a highlight one feels.) Well Trinku Vinon is Drink Wine in Esperanto and today in 1887 saw the publication of Unua Libro which founded  the whole Esperanto movement.

It’s a great idea that deserves celebrating and – like all things that deserve celebrating – it’s going to take lots of Vinon and lots more Trinkuing.  Because it’d be great if there was just one language that everyone understood and that brought a the sense of brotherhood to the planet. (As oppose to telling scouts that their country is a corrupt cesspool – it may well be true but – for Christ’s sake – don’t tell the scouts!)

The good news though is that we already have the universal drink for mankind.

Pour some and let’s trinku! Gaja!

A quote (to say to your wine.): “Mi ne povas vivi sen vi.” (It means “I can’t live without you” in Esperanto.

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