25 July: Mozart, dangerous foodstuffs and wine.

Today in 1788 Mozart completed his Symphony 40 in g minor. You’ll recognise it as soon as it starts.  As it’s 26 minutes long so playing it twice should last you the duration of a bottle of wine.

This site now has a theme tune. It’s HERE. (Although today you could simply substitute Mozart.) Click it and read. It adds a majesty to the crap I write.)


Whilst you drink it you can consider the nature of genius and how, in some ways you’re probably a lot like Mozart: you too  are able (once you’ve had enough to drink) to seemingly communicate directly with God and produce things of extreme beauty like potato chip sandwiches and toast to compliment your drunken hunger. ( I’m not totally the Philistine I portray on here (although I do probably drink too much) and my actual ‘thing of extreme beauty’ to accompany wine is marinated olives, a sleek baguette and some unpasteurised cheese that’s been left at room temperature all day (whilst I engage in combat with the management) to get even slightly more dangerous. I like the risk* – it’s ace; often the very best meal of the week.)

Wine (and Mozart’s otherworldly music)  was made to compliment such things and heavenly music (and bacteria packed cheese)  was made to compliment wine so you’re on a winner from start to finish. Invite some ‘looker’ from work home to share the moment with you – they’ll think you’re right clever and cultural. (Well you are – you visit this site.)

If things go to plan you can play more Mozart – this one’s only 5 mins 51 so much more suitable for after wine lust. Let’s be realistic….

A quote:  “Art is wine and experience is the brandy we distill from it.” Robertson Davies.

*there is no risk – far more people die skiing whilst sober and cold and wearing day glow padded costumes that make them look daft.

Today’s post is in memory of French philosopher Anne Dufourmantelle who wrote the book, Praise of Risk. She died yesterday living true to her words. I adore people who do the things they say and advocate for and I will drink French tonight in her honour. I suspect she listened to Mozart. I suspect she ate unpasterised cheese. RIP.

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