22 July: pi, pies. approximations and wine.

Ok, concentrate. I mean really concentrate especially if you are either a) drunk or b) not a mathematician. In fact if you’re either of those two things maybe don’t even bother trying to read this post because it involves geek thinks like pi, maths and approximation type things.

(This site now has a theme tune. It’s HERE. Click it and read. It adds a majesty to the crap I write.)

But if you’re unlucky enough to be sober then read on for a fabulous reason to drink some wine.

Today – you see – is Pi Approximation Day. (NO! IT IS NOT PI DAY!!!! Pi Day – you fucking idiot – is on MARCH 14!) It’s the approximation day because the fraction 227 is a common approximation of pi. (You see 22/7 = 22nd July?  Pi Day is based on the first 3 digits of pi 3, 1 and 4 hence it’s March 14.)

Head hurting? Thought so. But pi is strangely interesting and important. Plus it lets us build bridges and do all manner of cool shit. In fact somewhere and somehow it WILL be used in wine making – no doubt in barrels and stuff. Without pi there would probably be no wine. So celebrate.

The geeks celebrate the day by eating pie, apparently but can I suggest that we just cut to the chase and drink wine? It’s close enough after all.

A quote: “Drinking wine is a part of life – just like eating good food.” Francis Ford Coppola

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