20 June: friendship – a pledge sealed with wine and drunken nights.

It’s Friendship Day. Particularly – according to Wikipedia – in Paraguay.

(This site now has a theme tune. It’s HERE. Click it and read. It adds a majesty to the crap I write.)

Quite why Paraguay is friendlier than the rest of the world is anyone’s guess. Maybe they drink more and therefore possess that ‘devil may care’ sense of inclusion and equality that a great night drinking wine with good pals brings. Whatever the reason good luck to them, I’ll raise a glass to their friendliness later. (I’m off on Friday night to get bladdered with two good friends – and Mrs Drink Wine Today – in a nearby vegan restaurant. By the second bottle we’ll not even notice there’s no meat. Wine – it’s magical.))

Originally thought up as some money making coup by the greeting card industry – friendship day, not the nearby vegan eatery –  it rightly flopped in that form but the idea took off elsewhere in a different way where people simply gave one another flowers and wristbands to mark their friendship.

But here’s a quick heads up to my internet chums – I want neither flowers, wristbands or cards. I want wine. Lots of it. I’m sure most other people – if they’re honest (and smart) – do too. So, if you want to mark a tremendous friendship today please do it in the only way that counts: Wine.

A quote: “Friendship is the wine of life.” Edward Young.

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