19 July: The Paris Metro – making getting drunk in Paris easier since 1900.

Today in 1900 the very first line of the Paris Metro opened. Before that any attempts to buy bucketfuls of quality wine, cheese and butter or cream and transport it across the most beautiful city in the world was not a easy task involving horses, hired hands and not very chic shopping trolleys.

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And then the metro came. And within a few years it was possible to cram all those fantastic and uniquely French things into a single day at various locations around the city without having to bother about getting them (or yourself) home. Start with a croissant breakfast at your hotel – with a small glass of wine – and then chug around the city underground and just magically pop up in some fabulous location to drink something else and watch the world go by at that dizzying Parisian pace. Mainline some butter for lunch with some wine and then stuff your face with unpasteurized cheese and a couple of baguettes and a litre of vino before dusk.

The world is good. The city is genius!

And then finally when thoroughly drunk and exhausted get back on the metro with some end of day brioche and a bag full of bottles to continue the fun  on a balcony at your hotel.

And that all started today with line number one. Celebrate with wine and maybe catch a bus or a tram if you’re not lucky enough to be in France. Talk loudly, dress stylishly, look like you don’t give a shit.

A quote: “Paris is ALWAYS a good idea.” Audrey Hepburn

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