18 July: wine, the drink of poets.

Today in 1845 French poet Tristan Corbiere was born.


Okay he’s not very well known and you can’t actually seem to find any English translations of his stuff but just look at the dude! This man is a hero and deserves to be celebrated as such. And, to add to his no doubt indisputable greatness the “distinctive voice” of his poetry was, according to my in depth online research, “anarchic disdain and sarcasm.” (He would have read this site thus catapulting it’s regular readership to ‘about 6.’)

So let’s use his very presence on the earth as today’s reason to get drunk and, in the future, when your boss tells you how to do some task more efficiently or lets loose some company changing strategy which you – and all right thinking people know – is just total bollocks devised by someone with nothing better to do all day – well that’s the perfect time to channel the spirit of  Tristan in the photo: just nod, tut and walk away. (Ideally you’ll also have gone the extra mile and found yourself a hat like the one in the photo too just to add to the overall effect.)

To Tristan, to forgotten poets, to the glory of wine. Cheers.

A quote: “A poem is like a wine glass in which you can hold up a little bit  of reality and taste it.” Gwen Harwood.

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