17 July: They want your wine. Run. Run fast. Run North by North West.

Today in 1959 North by Northwest premiered in LA. Now that was a film, that was an exercise in style and plot. And these (ever less frequent) things should be celebrated with wine.

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Things were different then – Cary Grant understood what it meant to be an icon and Alfred Hitchcock was an eccentric fat dude who made movies like they mattered. These days it’s all change – have you had the absolute misfortune to have to sit through any of the new Star Wars films? Did you prop your eyelids open with matchsticks and sadly listen for the distant sound of the bottom of the bucket being scraped? Or has some ‘youth’ attempted to get you to watch something like Ted, or Bad Teacher, Bad Neighbour, Bad Granddad, Bad Guru, Bad Businessman, Bad Fairground Owner etc etc. Bad fucking genre is what I say – the same film remade over and over again, sometimes with stuffed animals, sometimes without.  What a waste of time and money; I’d rather punch myself in the face.

But, thankfully, I don’t have too because I have films like Citizen Kane and North by North West at my fingertips. And – ultimately – I have wine.

So today, let’s remember the classic movie magic of yesteryear by channelling Cary Grant. Rush into your local store, buy some bottle of vino and then run home the long way constantly looking at the sky as if some crop duster is after you. Wear the best suit you have and don’t dare get it crumpled!

A quote: “Conversation is the enemy of good wine and food.” Alfred Hitchcock.


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