14 July: Bring down the powers that be. Celebrate with wine.

Today in 1789 the little guy had finally had enough and stormed the Bastille. There were actually only 7 prisoners inside it and nearly a thousand people stormed it to release them but it sent a massive French middle finger to the establishment that their time was up. Chop chop, there’s a guillotine awaiting etc etc.

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Now, as if this massive red card to the powers that be wasn’t enough to celebrate by opening a bottle of wine there’s another great reason as well – it happened in France – the motherland of all wine. (And, as an unusual interesting historical aside, records report that –  within that 1000 stormers – there were 21 wine merchants. Wine drinkers – as usual, at the cutting edge of rebellion and liberty.)

So let’s drink to those magnificent 21 tonight. Not only did they understand that in everyone’s life there’s a time to say enough is enough and take wildly to the streets with justice in your mind, they also understood that the way to celebrate all of life’s victories (and failures) is to grab a corkscrew and to drink.

I’m with them. Let’s release the lunatics and bring down the government. Hurrah!

A quote: “A big nose never spoiled a handsome face.” French proverb. (Allegedly.)


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