10 July: a drunken confession.

Remember 5th July? Well I posted that it was Tesla Day. It was a lie – although an honest one. I’m in Berlin with a dodgy WiFi connection using a brand new – but very cheap – tablet because I’m too mean to buy a good one and too much of a technophobe to have used one before. Plus I’m a mistruster of apps that want to weirdly be allowed access to everything and try to do so without asking. So cue  lots of days sat outside cafes whilst my son handles said tablet gingerly next to his ipad whilst saying loudly, “This is just SO shit!” whilst lots of other tourists snigger whilst trying to look as though they didn’t understand. And whenever I attempt to take a photo my daughter handling said tablet gingerly whilst shouting, “But it doesn’t DO anything.”  And then getting back to the apartment block which has like a million separate WiFi networks all with passwords like d&£sdR286mm96c to find that actually none of them connect.

So because of all of this – and being ever so slightly drunk on German wine which is surprisingly good – I posted the wrong post. It wasn’t Tesla day – it was the day they invented spam. But it’s too late now and I’m a post behind and I don’t trust the internet connection enough to spend long searching for a new one.

But, today in 1925 the guru Meher Baba began his silence of 44 years and his followers commemorate this day as Silence Day. And it is for silence that I ask too – I made an error but please don’t tell anyone I got Tesla and tinned Spam confused. I’ll be back on it tomorrow. I promise.

Berlin is cool though if that makes it easier to swallow, hence the photo. Drink to Berlin and to peace and to owning up when you get stuff wrong. 


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