3 July: 1952, rationing ends in Britain. (Drink as much as you can. And then some.)

Let’s drink some wine today and remember war time spirit. Because today in 1954 food rationing ended in Britain. Finally Britons were able to stuff their faces with masses of sugar, butter and those tiny salty crackers like those in the photo and embrace what was already the day to day diet of America. In the 21st century it would become the norm for the whole developed world. Finally things which had only previously been distant dreams to make mouths water – like obesity, diabetes and eating disorders – were suddenly a reality.

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Wine actually escaped rationing so – as long as you happened to know a well connected French grocer – it was always possible to get quietly pissed whilst the bombs fell. Much like today really when we can retreat from conflict, fucking idiots and stupid fools by opening a bottle of vino as soon as we get home and pleasantly drowning in the knowledge that one thing in life – wine – never lets us down no matter what’s going on in the wider world.

Long may it continue! (Oh yes, remember you can eat as much as you want tonight as well – in remembrance – without any thoughts of the consequences. Calorie free and all that. You’re welcome.)

A quote: “Wine is so much more than a beverage. It’s a romance, a story, a drama – all of those things that are basically putting on a show.” Francis Ford Coppola.

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