30 June: how wine can help you avoid unnecessary collisions with idiots.

Today in 1908: the world witnessed the Tunguska event in Siberia when a meteor crashed into the Tunguska area of Siberia and reduced it to a smouldering pile of matchsticks.

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World Asteroid Day was then founded in 2014 by the filmmaker Grigorig Richters and Queen guitarist Brian May. It’s about drawing attention to the threat of an asteroid collision and doing stuff to identify and avert threats. Great stuff.

For the serious wine drinker it’s a great reason to drink some wine today and, in the spirit of the day, identify the hazardous detritus that bobs around in your personal and work life. Today then is an ideal day to draw up a meaningful plan to obliterate them from your universe. Wine will help immensely with this process as will a collection of friends who understand the threat posed by unmonitored fucking idiots bouncing all over the place. Again it’s likely that wine will play a role in helping you forget about them.

So raise your glass to the stars tonight. It could all end tomorrow with a big chunk of rock everybody thought wasn’t important. Make the most of everything. (You bosses are worthless fuckwits – ignore them completely.)

And drink wine.

A quote: “Happy. Just in my swim shorts, bare footed, wild haired, in the red fire dark, singing, swigging wine, spitting, jumping, running – that’s the way to live.” Jack Kerouac.

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