29 June: We are a brethren of wine, let’s drink together. (And spill a little.)

Take a look at yourself.

Standing there with that nervous twitch hoping that the Internet doesn’t crash, hoping that today isn’t  like the one day of the whole year when there is NO reason to drink wine. Imagine – then you’d literally have to face the world without the protection of St Vino. You’d have to sit there like the non drinkers watching non entities on tv and talk unpoetically to those you love. What a nightmare.

(This site now has a theme tune. It’s HERE. Click it and read. It adds a majesty to the crap I write.)

Because you (we/us) we’re better than that. We are different. We are warriors; warriors of wine. And today in the La Rioja region of Spain hundred of our brethren are celebrating at the Haro wine festival. Here they throw about 50,000 liters of wine at each other to celebrate that Wine is the shizzle.  And whilst they do it they wear the uniform of a wine warrior – white clothes and a red scarf.

Go and find something that replicates this and then drink stupid amounts of wine today in unity with them. Tonight, if you happen to spill some, you’re in good company. Look at them all HERE:

They’re bonkers. They’re fun. They’re pissed and loving life. They are our people, our tribe! Let’s bond – especially with the hot ones in wet clothes.

A quote: “Metal is tested by fire, man by wine.” Japanese proverb.

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