28 June: Celebrate risk takers, tomatoes and wine. (#LifeRules.)

28th June, 1820 – Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson stands on the town hall steps in New Jersey and eats a handful of raw tomatoes thus putting to bed the mistaken belief around at this point that tomatoes – as part of the nightshade family – were deadly poisonous and shouldn’t be eaten.

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God bless that brave crusader Colonel Roberts! We need trail blazers not useless sheep who follow everybody else so let’s drink some wine today to remember the Colonel’s brave deed –  without his fearlessness we’d not be able to enjoy the sublime miracles of wine with a tomato and mozzarella salad in the middle of summer, of pizza and a glass of red, of pasta in a rich red wine heavy tomato sauce.  The list of course goes on and on.

This then is a moment of history we are duty bound to remember. it’s the very foundation of what wine (and the act of getting just a little bit tipsy) was made for. (Although just for full disclosure it’s worth adding that there is much speculation that it probably didn’t really happen at all but, as the internet – and therefore this site – shouldn’t be relied upon for absolute truth*, let’s just presume it did and have a drink. It’s good to engage in myth making anyway ….

* – that’s why we have fucking BOOKS and LIBRARIES.

A quote: “I don’t like nouvelle cuisine, too small bits. I like to have a nice wine, nice pasta, tomatoes.” Luca Cordero Di Montezemo.

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