25 June: It’s St Jansday – a blank canvas for drunkenness.

1606 and THEY (the powers that be, governments, organisations etc) are at it again doing what Bacchus and Drink Some Wine Today absolutely hate: forbidding things! In 1606 “they” only went and made St Jansday totally illegal!

The outrage of it. Fou de rage as the French say! (Thank you, Salomée.)



And, on this occasion to make matters even worse, it appears that they absolutely and totally succeeded because searching the Internet it quickly becomes apparent that although quite a few people know it’s forbidden no one knows what it was any more.

Fou de rage to the power of a hundred and sixty!

As wine drinkers we need to take a stand against this so – here’s the challenge: let’s restart St Jansday right here, right now. Guess what – a main part of it is drinking wine, listening to this song by The National  that now provides a daily soundtrack to my ramblings and the rest is ……

Well it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page so – if any of this site’s readers can add one do so now, reference this page as reinventing it and then make the rest up and we’ll all go along with it. Just remember the song and the wine…..

A quote: “Ah Jansday. Yes it was always the wildest, the most poetic, the most wine fuelled excuse for anything.” Mr Drink Wine Today, 25 June 2017

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