22 June: “I pledge allegiance to all the bottles of wine in the world.”

Today in 1942 the US Congress formally adopted the pledge of allegiance. Times have changed and the world becomes a more and more dangerous and unpredictable place by the second. Time then to take a look at it again so that it’s not just for one nation, it’s for everybody.

(This site now has a theme tune. It’s HERE. Click it and read. It adds a majesty to the crap I write.)

A proud public statement of intent and loyalty is a noble thing and deserved to be remembered (we remember everything – remember – by getting stupidly drunk) but let’s not get too carried away about the wonder of the existing pledge. It only, after all, relates to a country with three hundred and odd million individuals coming together with a shared foundation. Imagine then if we – as a worldwide community of wine – started our evenings with a similar pledge. (I tried to work out a number but after a few false starts gave up and opened a bottle of French red.)

So let’s drink wine today like we always do but, as well as remembering that historic day in 1942, let’s think even bigger. Let’s change the world.

Let’s rewrite the pledge for ALL of us who drink wine, anywhere:

“I pledge allegiance to all the bottles of wine in my country and other people’s countries and to the freedom this beverage represents for all my fellow humans who drink it. One beverage given to us by whichever God we worship or whichever science we study. Over shared bottles of wine let us find common ground, liberty, justice and momentary release from the idiots who sometimes make our lives difficult.”

Let us deliver this pledge each time we drink facing an open bottle with our right hand over our hearts thinking of wine and those people we love.

Let’s start today and see the fractured world transform before our eyes.! Oh and play the song under the image as you say it – it’ll help you feel fucking awesome!

A quote: “Let’s pretend it’s Friday and have a glass of wine.” Tracey Foulkes.

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