20 June: Water is nothing but a clear liquid full of hazards. Drink wine. (Stay safe.)

This day in 1975 and Hollywood finally gave us another reason to emulate W.C. Fields and avoid water at all costs.

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Jaws. It came out today and, on a subliminal level, reminded us that liquids other than wine are terrifying and unexplored landscapes that no one really understands. they are full of unseen dangers that the authorities try to hush up like bacteria, germs, recycled urine and big fuck off dead eyes fish that delight in biting people in two.

This, of course, should concern the joyless teetotalers of the world but not us – we know that true solace and safety resides in that red, white or rose colored nectar that is loving cared for and watched over by people who are anointed by God. What an absolutely fantastic reason to drink wine today and use the left over corks to block up the ends of your taps so that no evil creeps in via the demon Water.

A quote: “I throw a kiss across the sea, I drink the winds as drinking wine and dream they are all blown from thee, I catch the whisper’d kiss of thine.” Joaquin Miller.

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