18 June: Churchill – proof that if you can do a job well sober, you’ll do it even better drunk. #FACT

Today in 1940 Winston Churchill delivered his “this was their finest hour” speech in connection with the Battle of Britain. For once truly something worth celebrating – young men defending all the great things that allow us to drink in freedom and get tipsy without having to worry about Nazi thugs goosestepping through the streets. Plus, proof in Churchill’s inspiring character that if you can do a job well whilst sober, it’s highly likely you can do it to almighty levels of perfection when you’re allowed to do it drunk. (Once Churchill visited America during Prohibition, got hit by a car and promptly secured a prescription for alcohol for medicinal needs. Genius.)

Churchill's V Sign
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Simply look at how Winston – probably half pickled by lunch – took these events and with the addition of a little drunken dramatics and a cool command of the English language produced one of the greatest inspirational speeches, anywhere, ever. It almost makes you wish that Britain produced half drinkable wine.

So let’s drink wine today to remember those brave crusaders and genuinely thank them for the sacrifices young people like those made for the rest of us. And to Winston for being a towering icon of continuing to get drunk in difficult circumstances.

And, when the wine shop seems a long way away and maybe it’s even raining – nightmare – Churchill’s call has an eternal message that right here, right now can be your finest hour if you choose to go over and above what seems expected.

So, to celebrate, let’s think of the price we normally pay for a bottle of wine and add half that amount again. Let’s stand up against terrible wine and be free!

A quote: “I have taken more out of alcohol than alcohol has taken out of me.” Churchill.

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