17 June: France, America, Liberty and the mighty gift of magnificent wine.

Here’s a great reason to drink some wine today  – on the 17th June 1885 the Statue of Liberty arrived in NYC aboard the French ship ‘Isere.’ The full name of the actual statue is Liberty Enlightening the World.

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What a magnificent gift for one nation to give to another. She became a universal symbol of all the good things about democracy –  freedom, liberty, opportunity. (Admittedly the twentieth century also saw a shift to it making the world think about people running around with guns needlessly shooting one another,  fat folk consuming their own weight in soda, meals so big no reasonable person would even consider eating and, recently,  Donald Trump shafting the climate with a big Russian made stick. Oh well, the good stuff was good whilst it lasted. )

But the thing is, although Liberty is indeed a magnificent gift between friends, let us not forget that France has given us an equally enduring and priceless gift to people like us – wine. What would you do with a massive statue anyway? You’d never get planning permission, the neighbors would complain and you’d never get any light.

But wine! Wine smooths business deals, brings people together and illuminates our life. That’s why it’s full name is Wine, bringer of wisdom, release and bliss. (And even better Trump doesn’t drink so you’ll never bump into him on the wine aisle.)

Drink deeply, my friend, drink deeply.

A quote: “Wine gives us liberty, wine takes it away, wine makes us princes, love makes us beggars.”  Wycherly The Country Life.

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