14th June: the long, hard slog of looking after a home + why it’s easier to just get drunk.

Take a look at your house. Imagine it when it was new before the kids kicked the shit out of it and you dropped that coffee near the white wallpaper or that mysterious fire incident next to the cupboard. Now go stand outside and imagine it with well maintained windows and real waterproof pointing and all the things that celebrities take for granted like Instagram followers and panic rooms.

Bet it looked great. Bet whoever designed it looked it over and announced that it was perfect. They probably never reckoned on people like us been let loose in it.

(This site now has a theme tune. It’s HERE. Click it and read. It adds a majesty to the crap I write.)

So let’s drink wine today and celebrate that on this day in 1927 the Ahwahnee Hotel (above) designed by Gilbert Stanley Underwood opened in the glorious setting of Yosemite Valley. Look at it. Doesn’t it look fantastic?

No matter what you do to your surroundings it will never look as good as this or be celebrated in anyway in the future.

What a relief. You may as well drink wine.

A quote: “The best wine comes from home, wherever it is.” Kirk Douglas.

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