13 June: Celebrating brilliant minds that invent stuff by getting inebriated.

Let’s drink wine today because it’s Inventors Day! It’s celebrated as an official day in many countries around the world and takes it date from the birthday of the Mr Biro from Hungary who invented the biro pen.

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Generally those people concerned with such things sit around over mineral water and discuss circuit boards, vacuum cleaners and things like Ipads. But not all inventors are geeks sitting alone in their bedrooms and today is also a great day to drink wine and pay a silent homage to whoever it was who, thousands of years ago, first thought “I bet these grapes would make a nice drink if I let them sit around for a bit first.”

What a genius, what a pioneer, what a saint. Without even a pen to write it down with or an app to consult about the weather, they spectacularly invented a tool that has transformed the lives of millions for the better. And continues to do so today: wine.

Let us remember them in the way they would have expected – be getting studidly drunk.

A quote: “In wine there is wisdom, in beer there is freedom, in water there is bacteria.” Benjamin Franklin.

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