12 June: The escapology of drunkenness.

On this day in 1973 Harry Houdini performed his iconic upside down escape from a straitjacket in New York City. Let’s drink some wine today to remember it. (It’s one of my favourite all time iconic images.)

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Houdini was one of those amazing individuals – like Casanova (whose birthday we drank ridiculous amounts for) – whose name becomes so synonymous with what they do that it lives on forever as a word in it’s own right. Mere mortals such as us can only hope for such immortal fame (or infamy.)

“A right Houdini.” – Someone who will not be held captive or chained by anything  – not cells, cages, not even odd looking metal milk cartons – but who moves forward by sheer force of will and thus achieves freedom and release.

Sounds familiar? Too right – it’s exactly what we do at the end of the day when some halfwit of a boss or sullen faced teenager has given us a hard time and we can see no obvious way out. To the non wine drinkers of the world this must be the time they sit around thinking about eating oatmeal or having an invigorating glass of water but to us – wine drinkers, controllers of our own destinies – this “hiccup” is nothing more than a eureka moment, a Houdini point of supreme realisation: we have the key to our own freedom.

It’s glass, contains 0.75 liters and sooner or later it unlocks everything. (Often theatrically, sometimes upside down.)

So – for Harry and for all the glory of Bacchus – let’s drink, let’s escape, let’s become legends.

A quote: “It is the hour to be drunken, to escape being the martyred slaves of time, be ceaselessly drunk. On wine, on poetry or as you wish.”  Charles Baudelaire.

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