11 June: the powers that be, censorship and why you should drink wine.

On this day in 1959 the Postmaster General banned Lady Chatterley’s Lover proving, once more, what we wine drinkers knew already. “They” – the authorities, governments etc – have no fucking idea about life and generally try to ban anything that adds a touch of fun into the day to day existence of normal folk.

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In the past they’ve banned everything from chocolate to drugs and even wine. (They never seem to ban their own bizarre sex parties though or to stamp out their liking for doing coke off rubber clad escort’s boobs whilst swapping state secrets or finding new ways to tax the poor. Strange that …..)

And, true to form, today in 1959 they got all uppity about other things we all enjoy like a little glimmer of illicit sex in woods and giving our genitals pet names to pass the time. (We all do it after all – I call mine Old Vine Grenache.)

But be sure to drink wine today to celebrate that their petty rulings never succeed and these days everyone has read it and seen some poorly made film of it and some people reenact it by going dogging and shouting “Oh Lady Jane” whilst they do it.  (This might be a British term – DON’T Google it at work if you’re not British and don’t know what it means. It’s got nothing to do with dogs.)

Good luck to them, let’s drink.

A quote: “We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine.” Eduardo Galeano.

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