7th June: Mysterious events of time and space. (And wine.)

In 1989 – for one solitary second, in the morning – the time/date read 01:23:45 6-7-89. This was no doubt amazing. A true once in a lifetime event that intelligent people surely celebrated by opening bottles of wine and drinking right up until the new time was 00:01:35 6-8-89 and sometimes long after that.

(This site now has a theme tune. It’s HERE. Click it and read. It adds a majesty to the crap I write.)

But the real news is what we now know is that this mystical, magical time thing wasn’t a one off. In fact there’s another one happening today. Right now!

Look at your watch!

That’s right, it’s Wine o’clock. Life is tick tick tocking away so make the most of it. What a great reason to drink wine today. Enjoy. (This marvelous time event occurs daily admittedly but it’s always greeted by hugs and hurrahs in our house and probably should be in capital cities – and suburbs – elsewhere.

Be a part of it. Grab the corkscrew – it’s time ……

A quote; ” The connoisseur does not drink wine but tastes its secrets.” Salvador Dali.

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