2nd June: Summer snow and why YOU may as well have a drink.

In 1975 this day saw the first recorded snowfall in London in June. Wherever you are take a look outside and raise a glass to those brave Londoners who no doubt met such an absolute nightmare by reaching for a corkscrew and drinking some wine. Not for them the Hollywood style Day After Tomorrow over reactions of marching through snow on skis or locking themselves in libraries. Us Brits do things more reasonably.

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In the wake of the Manchester attack someone posted a wonderful photo on Twitter of a milkman walking through the leveled streets of World War Two with a little hand basket going about his business delivering milk in the middle of carnage. Religions and nutters – any religion, any nutter – can do their worst but their fairy tale based delusions can’t steal the truth that wine (and hand delivered milk) makes everything easier to bear.

Life ( and weather) is fragile and, whatever it looks like outside right now might not last. Indeed we could be a minute or two away from the events which send us spiraling towards a nightmare scenario. Millions dead, tidal waves and, much more tragic, vineyards scorched or underwater. (Now Trump’s in the driving seat, it could be seconds away. Typical short shortsightedness from a non drinker.)

So make the most of what you’ve got – drink wine today and be a flower poking through adversity like the one in the photo.

A quote:  “Give me wine to wash me clean of the weather stains of care.” Ralph Waldo Emerson.

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