28th May. Turing, cats on repeat and wine.

Most people are fucking idiots but somewhere out there in the world there are a handful of real geniuses. Alan Turing was one of them and society rewarded his genius by firmly shafting him because he was gay and then (probably) bumping him off in a murder disguised as a suicide.

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Thanks in high part to his genius the Nazis didn’t win the second world war ( he cracked the Enigma code), mathematics knows more than it did before he was born and we all get to sit on computers all day watching kittens smile and buffoons humiliate themselves on youtube. (Oh and to read me rant on about random stuff with a (very) tenuous link to why you shouldn’t feel bad about getting drunk in a mad, mad world where Donald Trump acts like a little kid pushing people out of his way to speak to the Russians.)

And today is the day that it all started – computers not me ranting on about shit –  because in 1936 Alan Turing submitted his paper “On Computable Numbers” for publication. This set out the theoretical basis for modern computers. Celebrate that by drinking some wine today. But celebrate Turing as well and drink a toast to him. In fact drink many – after all you wouldn’t be able to waste your time on here without him.

And an interesting fact: Turing played the violin and served wine to the police who visited his flat and set in motion the aforementioned shafting. A genius and a gent. Trump could maybe learn a little if he had a brain.

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