27 May: The wonders of tape (and wine.)

Wine is great! It has literally hundreds of uses. It can be used to make a mediocre meal taste as if a top notch chef prepared it, it can refresh you on red hot days, wash away heartaches on loveless days and add an extra je ne sais quoi to days which are already great. And it comes into its own for commemorating things.

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So how about we drink some wine today to remember some otherwise forgotten (but great) moment in world history. Like that today in 1930 Richard Drew – who had dropped out of college a few years earlier – invented masking tape to make painting cars easier. From this product all the other products like scotch tape, parcel tape, duct tape and bondage tape sprang forth. What a shit tip the world would be without tape!

Imagine your own house – it’d fall apart and then you’d have to waste valuable drinking time putting it back together properly instead of just bodging it. Richard Drew has saved us all a fortune. What a genius so let’s drink to his memory and make merry.

A quote: “Eat good dinners and drink good wine; read good novels if you have the leisure and see good plays; fall in love if there is no reason why you should not fall in love but do not pore over influenza statistics.” Jerome K. Jerome

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