Yes, there’s only ever one post!!!!

Wine is a drink of the moment. Something to stop time. To enjoy right here, right now so on this site there is no archive, no future events. There is just one post everyday; one single solitary reason to grab a corkscrew, a glass and a drink. And after 24 hours it disappears and gets replaced by another. Simple.

(Except when I leave one there because one of my readership of 4 has left a comment and I reply to it and it needs to stay there etc etc. It’s my site after all so I can do what I like.)

(But, like great wine – something similar come back round again eventually ….)

23rd May

Prague – as discussed previously in this blog – is a fantastic city for numerous reasons – architecture,  history, absinthe and, lesser known, the strange habit of their citizens throughout history of throwing themselves (or others) out of windows when they’re upset or angry about stuff.  The technical term is Defenestration.


And today in 1618 marked the Second Defenestration of Prague that kicked off the Thirty Years War.  The two regents thrown out of the window actually survived and the were thought to have done so because they were either 1) saved by angels or 2) because they fell in a dung heap. (As a site which champions drunkenness and reason we are heavily inclined to think it was number 2.)

But all this of course is coincidental: the important thing here is that it happened and can be used as an excuse to get drunk and /or throw someone out of a window, (Members of management are generally good choices.)  Such concrete historical references (and use of specialist wording) will enable you to slip under The Pisshead Radar and appear to be some cultured historian.

So let’s make the most of it …..

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16 March

It’s Freedom of Information Day today so let me tell my readership of three some facts that the spooks at the NSA and MI5 already know. I like wine. I fucking love it. Mainly red, sometimes fizzy, rarely white.



And French the best because it’s got a certain character and kudos that Chile and California just can’t match. And I like to walk home – slightly drunk under the moonlight carrying just a single bottle of wine and a baguette whilst thinking, ever so slightly of the Japanese haiku poet Basho.

And I don’t like authority, have little time for religion and think that science – on the whole – is the way to go.

So let’s drink something. Life is short and, when you’re dead, that’s it so make the most of it.


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